Alfredo Cramerotti

WWW.EXPANDEDPHOTO.COM is a visual presentation of essays by Hito Steyerl “In Praise of the Poor Image” and “Circulationism”. Steyerl focuses on the term circulationism as way of understanding the contemporary potential of art and the image. She suggests: “What the Soviet avant-garde of the twentieth century called productivism—the claim that art should enter production and the factory—could now be replaced by circulationism. Circulationism is not about the art of making an image, but of post-producing, launching, and accelerating it. It is about the public relations of images across social networks, about advertisement and alienation, and about being as suavely vacuous as possible.”

Steyerl wonders what happens when the effects of digitisation slip off the screen and enter into the material world. What happens to our thought patterns, our language and our behaviour? Or even the weather, for that matter? In her opinion we have long since entered into a new paradigm — a space of no return—a free-flowing system of ‘circulation’ that circumscribes and influences everything from government to love. She delves into these new conditions of circulationism and attempts to understand and reflect on its potential and impasses. Crucially, she remarks that circulationism, if reinvented, could also be about short-circuiting existing networks, circumventing and bypassing fixed regimes of power and money.

Formulated by Alfredo Cramerotti, with the additional input of Lauren Mele, EXPANDEDPHOTO has been developed for eCPR – European Centre for Photography Research, University of South Wales, UK. The visual platform uses images made available on social media. Whenever an image is uploaded to social media and tagged with key words pertinent to the two essays “In Praise of the Poor Image” and “Circulationism” they automatically appear on EXPANDEDPHOTO. The site acts as host for visual consensus of key words, which will irrefutably adapt and change as time passes.